New Deal Dbq Analysis

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The New Deal addressed the issues caused during the Great Depression and helped the people who needed it which was the majority of American citizens. The New Deal recognized the causes of the Great Depression and put programs and acts in place to stop people from making the same mistakes. One of the main reasons people say that the New Deal was bad for America say that it increased government involvement in daily life to an extreme. The conservatives believed in personal responsibility and limited government. The New Deal increased government involvement in daily life with the intention to help people. Before the New Deal, if you needed help, you had to help yourself because the government would not.

FDR’s New Deal implemented government
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For some people increased government involvement was seen as a positive, but people with more conservative beliefs towards the government disagreed. The changes in government can be shown in multiple documents like Document D and the photo in Document H, The document most relevant is Document C. In this document, William Lloyd Garrison, Jr. writes in “The Hand of Improvidence” where Garrison says “Six billion dollars was added to the national debt…”. 6 billion dollars in 1934 (the year this article was written) is now equivalent to over 108 billion dollars, really showing how much work the government put into helping the everyday American. Although this was a lot of money spent by the government, thereby increase government involvement in American lives, it was needed. Without help from the government the positive changes which occurred regarding the unemployment rate and other issues, may have left us in the …show more content…
They recognized the Dust Bowl as an issue and created AAA, they saw Americans were going into debt due to buying on margin and created the Securities and Exchange Commission. Not only did the New Deal help Americans out of the Great Depression, but they also caused long lasting effects to allow the government to help people in need. The New Deal was extremely successful in helping Americans out of the Great Depression and that was the goal of creating the New