Essay on New Deal Program of Recovery during the Great Depression

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Students are to write a critique of the new deal program of recovery during the Great Depression. You are basically assigned to argue that the New Deal was good and correct, or flawed and harmful, or a mixed bag of both. In your analysis consider the following.

1. Who was helped by the new deal, and who was not. (consider urban vs. rural, ethnicities, gender, labor vs. owning classes, age, north vs. south, east vs west, etc)

2. The financial costs of new deal legislation, and the debt incurred.

3. the impact of the idea of private enterprise and capitalism.

4. The legality and constitutionality of new deal measures.

5. The governments increase in size and new responsibilities in managing the economy, and the difficulties of all this new responsibility.

6. The overall impact on the depression.

In your analysis and evaluation, include several examples of actual NEW DEAL actions, legislation, behaviors to support your point of view. THe paper should have NO LESS than 12 actual references from the text correctly applied.

USE the textbook readings from NEW DEAL part 1 homework as well as NEW DEAL part 2 which is linked below.

The paper can be NO LESS than 3 FULL PAGES. Typed, double spaced, one inch margins on all sides, size 12 font, Times New Roman. Put all identifying info on a title page.

YOU DO NOT need to use outside resources. Demonstrate you have read, understood, and used the Brinkley Texts provided to analyze the impact of the New Deal.