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New Discipline

Throughout my school, I’ve noticed one thing that really bothers me; the lack of discipline and following through with discipline. In my school, if you get in trouble and get sent out of class you go to an administrator who is in charge of the in school suspension and all other minor things. When kids get sent out of class for talking too much, not doing as they’re asked to do, or just refusing to cooperate in any way, etc., they go to this certain in school suspension room, if not directed to go to the office. Even though they’re sent to either one of these places, they don’t worry about it, because nothing really gets done to them. The student goes and sits in a room or the office for the rest of the hour, if they even show up to that place like they’re supposed to. Once the bell rings for the next class, the student leaves and they go to the next class and act up again.
Students don’t see a reason to change because the consequences don’t bother them. Nothing gets taken away, nothing happens. The student goes back to whatever he/she wants to be doing. Even if the student is assigned after school detention, they don’t show up because the school administration doesn’t enforce it as they say they will. When the student is told they have detention, they don’t show up, then they are told they will have out of school suspension for not showing up, but they never actually suspend anyone. Nothing around my school concerning discipline is actually enforced, kids know that and doesn’t care about getting in trouble because they know nothing will be done to them to hurt them and the way they go about their life at school.
I think something should be done to change the way students see discipline. When students get in trouble, I think they should be escorted to a designated area by an administrator so the student gets to where they are supposed to be instead of roaming around the school. Teachers shouldn’t give the students many different attempts to act right, they should have one chance. After that one chance, the student should be sent out of class. Then, the student should have to have an assignment to do for being sent out of class, and they should have to complete that assignment before they go back to class. The discipline right now, requires an assignment that is supposed to be done, but if it doesn’t get done, nothing really happens. The new discipline would require it to be completed in a timely manner or more should be require more discipline assignments. If these assignments don’t get completed like they should be, then the student should receive a day of after school detention. There, the student should have to do some kind of community service act. These students don’t want to do work, so these community service acts will show them the kind of jobs and work that they will be qualified for if they don’t change their attitudes and do better in school. The community service won’t be fun, it’ll be something like picking up trash or cleaning; something a high school student probably dreads to even think about doing. If the student doesn’t complete this assignment, I don’t think the student should be able to return to school for a few days, so he/she will get three days of out of school suspension.
I don’t think in school suspension should even be an option, because it’s the same as detention. Students don’t take in school suspension seriously and don’t’ really care about getting sent there. Students don’t really do anything when they’re suspended and in school, and they get to make up all of their assignments. I may be a little harsh for saying it,