New France Habitants

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The Habitants had a crucial role in the settlements of New France. The Habitants were farmers who farmed the land of New France. They were brought over by Jean Talon who was the Intendant of New France. They were crucial because they were the only source of economy for New France in the beginning. They also took at least 90% of the adult population and had a lot of responsibilities. Their land who was granted by the Seigneur, their leader was to grow for crops, build a house, and use the produce to pay taxes for the Seigneurs. The Habitants usually grow wheat for bread and hay to feed the animals. They would build a small wooden house on their land just enough for their needs and their family. The Habitants form of paying their taxes was by …show more content…
The Filles du roi was also known as the “King’s Daughters”. They were a group of around 800 women who were single in France and was brought over to New France in between 1663 to 1673 and the year 1678 to have babies and increase the population of New France. They were sponsored by King Louis XIV and was brought by Jean Talon who also brought the Habitants. The Filles du roi was chosen very carefully to only be countryside girls and not city girls because city girls were believed to be far too lazy to work. The Filles du roi was from a wide range of age from as young as thirteen to as old as thirty something. When they arrived in New France, they were encouraged to marry immediately, but not by force so most women chose to marry around 5 to 15 months later. After they were married, they are given a box full of clothing, sewing materials in exchange of marrying the husband, making a family and help the husband farm his land. She would also be given gifts including livres which was the currency at that time, livestock and goods such as salted meat. The King encouraged the Filles du roi to have babies by making rewards if they have more babies. For example, if they had 10 children, they would be rewarded 300 livres and if they had 12 children, they would earn 400 livres and so on. Their life could either be a blessing or a curse. They could be a blessing if the woman wanted to start a new life again but it can be a