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New Health Medical Systems
Carlos Stakely
Teresa Mitchell
May 06, 2015

TO: NHMS, Board of Directors
FROM: Carlos Stakely, HR Consultant
CC: Dr. Ronald Clark

DATE: May 4, 2015
SUBJECT: Staffing Strategy
New Health Medical Systems has gone through the process of reevaluating their staffing strategy for efficiency. We have seen that the current strategy does not yield the candidates your company desires. Developing a new staffing strategy is a critical step in acquiring the appropriate staff. Many qualified candidates in the health field are snatched up quickly or already employed leaving the candidate pool lacking. Filling the open positions within the company will require a new strategy that will include the following:
1. Placing advertisements in college and universities career centers
2. Administer a career fair and invite local professionals to attend
3. Contact staffing agencies that specializes in placing technicians into health care facilities
4. Offer a signing bonus to candidates who join the organization, maintains a good working record and continues employment for a minimum of one year.
Although these four staffing strategies have the potential to increase the pool of candidates, I do not believe this strategy is strong enough nor will it be sufficient in aligning with the strategic goals of NHMS in filling positions. For example, the current strategy is outdated and solely concentrates on the immediate area which has shown a lack of skilled candidates. “A realistic, yet flexible strategic staffing plan will put the company in a strong position to meet the challenges that often accompany a growing business” (Messmer, 1999). Since research by NHMS has already shown that the qualified candidates in the immediate area are employed and content within their current position, a change to the strategy goal is necessary in order to attract new talent. My recommendation, as a HR consultant, would be to revise the current strategy to include the following seven goals that would increase the number of qualified candidates. These goals would include:
1. Expanding the search to a national level
2. Utilize social media sites such as Monster and LinkedIn to attract qualified candidates