New In America

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New in America
Anthony Carter
New in America Mexican Americans migrated to America early in the late 1800’s which have at least 45 percent of their original land taken away from them. Mexicans can be considered the reason for the Asian American being excluded from being able to migrate from china to America for two decades because Anglo-Americans figured they could get cheaper labor out of the Mexican Americans at that time. Most Mexican Americans were mainly located in Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and California.
Mexican Americans doubled in numbers of migration in the early 1900’s but never able to get an accurate number because most Mexican Americans would travel back and forth from America to Mexico. Mexican Americans hit a really bad road block in the 1930’s when the great depression hit. A lot of Mexican Americans who didn’t have proper documentation actually voluntarily took a train back to Mexico while others who stayed struggled to make a proper living and suffered harsh treatment of racism and discrimination.
When World War II started America needed help desperately in the farm industry for very low wage which was called the bracero. Mexican Americans were treated so poorly that the Mexican government refused to send anymore laborers over to do any contract work. Most Mexican American stayed considering the low wages that they were being paid even after the contract of was up after World War II.
It’s very crazy that this very same thing still goes on today and most Mexican American will do the work that most Americans are usually on willing to do. It’s a proven example of very good work ethic which they have been doing since the 1800’s. After world war II Anglo Americans were trying to push Mexican American out and deporting them back to Mexico. Mexican Americans are still being targeted for deportation and targets for discrimination and are told often go back to their country which if people would do their research would realize that most of America was once a part of Mexico.
Asian Americans migrated over to American in the 1800’s but as early as the