What Is Misfit?

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is going to MISFIT NYC 2015!

What is misfit?
The Misfit The Conference is an event held by Chris Durso, Misfit NYC’s youth pastor at Christ
Tabernacle church in Queens, NY on August 21-22. There will be christian speakers such as
Jentezen Franklin, Chad Veach, and Rich Wilkerson Jr. There will also be performances by
Bethel Music, Social Club, Misfit NYC Republic, and Misfit Rap Society. After Misfit 2015, on
August 23, Unchained will be playing at Grace Christian Fellowship in Middlesex New Jersey.
There will also be some time to explore NYC in between schedules.
The following is the schedule for the weekend of August 21-23:




6:00 AM - Leave for NY/NJ
4:00 PM - “The gathering”
Pastors & Leaders Gathering
5:30 PM - Doors open
6:00 PM - Pre-Show
6:30 PM - Session 1 Begins
8:10 PM - Late Night Hip Hop

9:00 AM - Doors Open
10:00 AM - Session 2 Begins
11:30 AM - Break
12:00 PM - Session 3 Begins
1:15 PM - Break
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Break
6:00 PM - Doors Open
6:30 PM - Pre-Show
7:00 PM - Session 4 Begins

10:15 AM - Sound Check
11:00 AM - Service Start
1:30 PM - Leave for VA

transportation & lodging
A 15 passenger van will be rented to accommodate the attendees and an additional 1-2 leaders will follow in their own cars. Arrangements at a hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey (which is about
30 minutes away from NYC) will be made and each room will have 1-2 individuals per leader and males and females will sleep separately.
Furthermore, the