Difference Between Old And New Marketing

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Thousands years ago Heraclitus said that everything is changing and with the dawn of technology this phrase got even more sense. Marketing concepts are no exception, they also have changed through the time. In order to create a clear understanding of topic, a definition of marketing should be provided. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA) Board of Directors, ‘Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.’ (AMA, 2013). Methods and approaches of marketing have changed within the time. As a result, old and new marketing approaches can be defined in different ways. Old marketing can be defined as sales-driven. In the past times companies were trying to change customers’ minds in order to fit the product. Old marketing was highly concerned with advertisement of companies brand and product. In the past companies resort to price discounting as their main competitive strategy, because of absence of strong strategy and execution skills (vSente, n.d.). According to Henry Ford, ‘Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black’ (Ian MacKenzie, 2010). On the contrary, new marketing is mostly about customers. Increased competition within the market and development of technologies led to this change. As a result, companies became customer-driven. These companies focus their energies on changing their product to meet customers’ requests and desires. However, both old and new marketing are concerned mostly with effectiveness. ‘Market share, revenue growth, margin enhancement and return of investments are key metrics. (vSente, n.d) Thus, old and new marketing is basically the same, however, in order to achieve goals, companies use different packaging approaches. ‘’Packaging’’ can be defined as approaches that are being used by companies in order to attract customers by presenting them product that has been made. As the main argument of this essay, the role of marketing is still the same, but the ‘’packaging’’ of marketing has changed, will be analysed.

In order to prove the fact that old and new marketing is still the same it is useful to show how ‘’old’’ marketing approaches can be used effectively in nowadays marketing. Everything is changing, however, something new does not necessarily means better. As a result, there are some old marketing methods that can be useful in nowadays marketing strategy. Cold calling and promotional products are two examples of traditional marketing approaches that remain useful today that will be further discussed in this paragraph. Door-to door sellers once wandered the streets, selling everything from cookies to vacuum cleaners. Many companies were employing highly motivated staff that was getting some percentage from sales to present a product to potential buyer (Expand2web, 2014). Despite the development and appearing of more advanced marketing technologies, the traditional ‘’cold call’’ can be still used successfully. In order to prove this information it would be great to find company that used this approach in the past and is still using it. There is such company and it is Hoover, ‘originally founded in Ohio in 1908’ (hoover, n.d.) This company start to use cold calling since its early development and is still using this approach in order to increase sales. Furthermore, ‘For centuries, businesses have known that if they placed their name, logo and contact information on an item that people used every day, their company would remain constantly visible.’ (ibid) . As a result, promotional products that have name of the company or its logo appeared. Such products may vary from pens and pads to pocket calendars or t-shirts. ‘Useful promotional products still serve to get a company’s information into the hands of potential contacts and are an excellent marketing strategy for use at