New Media and Use of the English Language Essay

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New media has changed the human language and the shape of humanity because it changes the way that we use the English language. There are many new media technologies that we use such as Iphones tablets IPods and other phones which all have the access to use new media sites or apps such as Facebook, Twitter, MSN and YouTube all of these apps have the ability to let you talk to people around the whole world with a phone. The English language is being ruined because of the constant usage of online chat rooms where there is no spell check and according to Cinder_Rose's kids younger than 10 are spelling words wrong or are using abbreviations in their text and this reflects in their schools using these abbreviations at school instead of the real word. New media websites have raised the trolls who are harassing people who wish just to have a pleasant time on these sites but get bullied. These trolls target people on R.I.P sites which the deceased family’s have started up and post rude and hurtful things about the deceased New media also affects the way we communicate when in person using these same abbreviations when speaking to friends and family. This new form of bullying can be done anywhere and at anytime that the trolls choose.
New media does not always have to be negative it can help us with updates on life such as the weather and getting the latest news. New media also gives use useful things like e-mail and instant messaging. Facebook and twitter do not have to be only