New Oriental U Can: Marketing Opportunity Report Essay

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“New Oriental U CAN”

Marketing Opportunity Report

Target Market
In china, the national higher education entrance examination is concern as the extremely important test for Chinese students, which was taken by around 9 million high school leavers across the country in 2011 and an English language test included that is occupied one fifth of the total grade, which is as same as Mandarin and mathematic.This exam comes as the culmination of months of cramming, years of tutoring and abnegated personal lives (www.economist, 20/08/2012). University admissions departments focus almost exclusively on the exam score. Even the University of Sydney in Australia has begun using scores from this exam since last year (www.osa, 20/08/2012). For short, this entrance examination is a millstone for young Chinese people.
The group established its first all-subjects high school training program, branded “New Oriental U Can”, which mainly targets high school Chinese students from age 15 to 18 who are preparing for the university entrance examination in China.

English language is a compulsory course for Chinese students for nearly 30 years. Every student from primary school starts to learn English. In some cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, students study English even earlier. Most of high school students are frequently enrolled in extra-curricular classes to cram for English subject of the university entrance exam.
New Oriental as China’s largest private-education company has become the most recognized brand in Chinese private education. Their innovative and inspirational instruction combines humorous, interactive teaching techniques with traditional Chinese educational values.The group offers test preparation courses specifically designed to prepare students for the major exams used by educational institutions in China and abroad.Even though New Oriental is aware of every high school students have the same purpose which is getting the score on exam as high as possible, there are still plenty kind of classes available for them, which are based on ‘how well student do so far’, ‘how many students in the class’, ‘when the class takes place’,‘where the class located’ etc. To sum up, New Oriental “U CAN” program intend to provide the most effective and convenient learning environment to the students. Further, the teaching programs as services are intangible offerings to the market. As they are intangible, a service cannot be touched or tasted and does not involve ownership, instead, customers experience the service. As a result of that, New Oriental offers each member has a chance to experience one class for free to made intangible aspects tangible in order to reduce the perceived risk by customers.
Since the New Oriental education founding in 1993, it has had over 13 million student enrollments, including approximately 2.4 million enrollments in 2012. At the moment, it has 64 learning centers, 32 bookstores and over 17,600 teachers in 49 cities, as well as an online network with over 7.8 million registered users (www.english, 14/08.2012). Beijing as the capital city of China, it’s one of the most populous cities in the world, with a population of 22 million as of 2012, which is almost equal to the population of Australia. Beijing also as one of the most developed cities in China, a report from the municipal legislature indicated that Beijing’s “floating population” had exceeded 10 million by the end of 2012 (www.nytimes, 14/08/12). Only in Beijing, there are 21 learning centers and one of them has dormitory for students who come from other cities to spend summer/winter holiday there. All of the learning centers in Beijing are located at the spots near the public transportation.
Price is the amount of money a business demands in exchange for its offerings. Marketing is about creating and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and society at large. And price plays an important role