Fuel Cost In Transportation

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New Proposal
Katherine Carpenter
American Public University
February 9, 2014

The purpose of this paper will be to find ways in which fuel cost can be lowered by vessels in transportation.
Most vessels in transportation have high fuel cost for operation. With technology advances there should be some ways to get fuel costs down. By lowering the fuel cost of vessels in transportation then the savings can be used where needed.
I plan to use the internet and the school library to start my research, I will see if the information found there leads me to any other places to retrieve information. I plan to use a quantitive method for the paper.
With the articles that I found last week there seems to be some promise with researching this topic. I think that with the amount of fuel that the vessels use that finding ways to decrease fuel cost is beneficial to the industry. Whether it be using alternative fuels or to incorporating sails into the ship to help reduce fuel consumption.
Some have found using kites attached to the vessels is a potential and others are looking into hydrogen fuels cells to power the vessels. There are different options available but not every option will work every type of vessel. Sails would not work very well on passenger ships like they would on a cargo ship.
This topic can be productive in finding other methods to power vessels. There is the potential that once the research begins that no extra information is found to help with the research of