Essay on New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

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New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

By: Natasha O’Donnell
Dr. Teresa Lao
WRI 115
June 16, 2007


MEMO TO: Darlene Anderson, President of Anderson and Associates
FROM: Natasha O’Donnell, Executive Assistant
DATE: June 16, 2007
SUBJECT: New Student Living Arrangements Proposal

Here is the report that you requested showing the views of off-campus living.

This report shows that student’s need new housing in the area. By a series of surveys listing the most important attributes of off-campus housing, how important criteria such as price, location, shopping, public transportation, space and layout, furnishings, social activities, parking and pets affects a student’s decision on housing.

The report
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Our survey’s show that 9 out of 10 students desire a combination of amenities in regards to sleeping and living. They also prefer to have furnished units since they will be on limited budgets and do not want to travel with furniture when leaving for summer vacation.

The most popular feature is the 1,100 square foot four-bedroom apartment style units. This unit accommodates four students with four bedrooms, 1-1/2 bathrooms, a hotel-style kitchenette with microwave and full size refrigerator in addition to a living room. The living arrangements combine four bedrooms that will allow for four students. We believe that this is more popular because it includes amenities for friends to room or unfamiliar persons to get to know each other without invading the others personal space. The floor plans are strategically designed with small kitchenettes will promote roommates to leave their quarters and mingle with other off campus residences that are on the same floor.

The community area is a 2,400 square foot room with a large kitchen that will include stoves and sinks. The area will also have living room that will be accompanied by several dining areas. This area will be a small portion of social interaction between roommates and