New System Proposal Paper

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New System Proposal
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May 11, 2015
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New System Proposal
Businesses today are much more advanced and organized than they were five years ago. Companies that are successful today use information known as data to help them to keep thriving. Information is what allows companies to be able to form data analysis and reports. Data analyst and reports are what helps the company to see where their business sits financially, marketing wise and even product wise. Companies can use the data generated in reports as an advantage. This use affects the IT systems tremendously. Effective companies gather much information such as customer information, product information, sales, and other relevant data. In order to be able to save this data, there must be some way for someone to enter in the data or an automated process that inputs the data. The data that is being implemented into the system is usually sensitive data, which means that the person or program entering the information needs to be securing as well as the system holding the data. Information technology systems come into play by using programs and applications for monitoring the data flow to make sure that the data stays secure. By keeping the data secure they are protecting the company, customers, and other information that could harm.
It is crucial to protect the data of an organization. It is not only necessary for the organization, but it is also important for anyone's information that may be in the organization's database to keep their data protected. Companies hold data information such as sales, customer information, and finical information. Companies use this data to help them to forecast, conclude strategies, marketing and sales, and other aspects of the business. The data that the companies obtain are useful to them, but it can also be useful to other people such as hackers and thieves. If a hacker was to get into a company's database and their credit card information was on their file in the company's database, the hacker can obtain it. Once they obtain it, they can use it to steal their identity. This similar thing happened with Target not too long ago. Targets database was breech, and the hackers were able to get everyone's credit card information that had shopped there in the last six months of the attack. This why organizations should protect their data. Essential elements that help protect organizations data from being tampered involve regulations. There are regulations that define what information can be stored and for how long. There are also security applications that help monitor and organize data.
One of the ethical implications of IT system use is privacy. Privacy will always be an issue with the IT world today. The government is always collecting massive amounts of data on individuals. The government collects and used the data for a variety of purposes such as national security. They could be having a private chat with someone online, and the government could be watching them. Opinion on the privacy issue is that it is rather bittersweet. It is nice to know that Uncle same is keeping an out for people that may be trying to bring harm to other, but on the other hand I do not want someone watching me all the time. Not everyone is a saint, and just because someone did something wrong does not make them a bad person. Another example would be the workplace. Is it okay for a manager to read an employee's emails just because they have access to it? Think that things like this are good to a certain extent. Believe that people should use the ethical standards in situations like this. For example, the data that the government collects should only be used for the good of the public.
All parts of a system will handle information. When looking at a database, had to look at it as a process. The data goes into the system, It is stores, and then can be retained. With it being said, it is had