Essay on New System Proposal: Creation and Use

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New System Proposal: Creation and Use
Amardip Saini, Jason Stoddard, Samuel Salazar, Janki Gandhi
August 25, 2014
Paul Cooper
New System Proposal: Creation and Use
Requirements Leading to Creation
As stated by Peter Drucker, an American management consultant, “…the sole purpose of a business is to create and keep customers.” Riordan Manufacturing has a large clientele base consisting of over 20 major accounts, 12 minor accounts, and a government contract for fans. To keep its current customers and acquire new customers, Riordan needs to implement a Customer Relationship Management system. It is difficult for an enterprise to manage so many numerous accounts as it is; however, it gets more difficult to process and analyze this data as all these accounts are handled by numerous employees, utilizing three different data entry methods. Mismanagement of data can cause troubles for any enterprise. Skewed data entry methods that are in use at Riordan means that data can be easily lost or stolen. These types of errors can cause financial and productivity problems. Some employees choose to utilize paper and pencil, others use management software such as ACT, and the remaining choose to utilize a hybrid method combining the two discussed methods. These varied systems can make data analysis more difficult as information is scattered across the enterprise. There is no central database for employees to upload data into to make it easier for management and employees to analyze and comprehend.
Past historical sales have also been recorded with the paper and pencil method; this information also needs to be digitized and entered into a central database to be accessible by certain enterprise employees and management for future reference. Riordan Manufacturing also wishes to increase sales by obtaining new clients and deploying new marketing campaigns. As customer accounts grow, the need for a CRM system becomes beneficial for the enterprise as a whole.
The Customer Relationship Management system will allow the Riordan enterprise to