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New System Proposal: DBMS
Presented By: Learning Team D

DBMS: What is it?

• A DBMS or Database Management System

DBMS: What is it? Continued..
There are four major components of a DBMS:


Pros vs. Cons


Robust Data Storage

Increased Cost

Retrieval and Indexing

Management Issues

Reduces Redundancy

Maintaining Currency

Increases Security and

Upgrade Costs and Future proofing Improves Data Quality

Higher Impact of Failure

Why Create a DBMS?

Business requirements
Security Measures
Organize data
Maintain and track all merchandise

Specifics of Our DBMS

E-business processes that pertain to internal communication

Web-based training program

Specifics of Our DBMS Continued…

View and change information stored on the database
Microsoft SQL and Windows Server
Processing power and storage capacity
Accurate inventory of materials

Who Benefits from a DBMS?
There are three groups of people who benefit from a DBMS:

Our Company
Our Customers
Our Business Partners

Benefits for Our Company

Multiple databases
Address Customer needs
Redundancy hardware and storage costs
Centralized Systems

Benefits for Our Customers

Use the DBMS to collect data about consumers that use our website and mobile application

See recommended products based on what they've looked at or bought
Faster checkout experience because of their saved information

Benefits for Our Business Partners

Access the database and secure materials
Specific database containing records
DBMS on mobile devices
Login Information
Order requests

Accessibility for Employees,
Consumers, and Businesses

Security Features of DBMS

Software encryptions
Background checks
Password logins for each user
Extreme secure technology

Ethical Concerns Regarding DBMS

Violations in company policy