New Technologies Essay

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Challenges brought by uncertainty of new technology, workforce training issues (e.g., ongoing training to meet new technology), special characteristics of high-technology personnel, recruitment in a technological-driven workplace, acquisition of resources (e.g., purchase, investment, and upgrading of new technology), and new organizations needed to meet and embrace new technology (e.g., new departments to support emerging business functions):
Challenges brought by uncertainty of new technology is not much of an issue with ASU because they have a skilled team that can break down and implement these new technologies. Being that this is a school, most of the workers are students or professors, therefore, there will always be training for the new technologies while the students are learning. Everyone working on this project is extremely skilled and motivated to accomplish the task. In terms of recruitment, the organization has limited funds believes in the people it has. They have a good acquisition of their resources. The new CIO who was hired in 2010 has accomplished a lot and has reformed the plan a few times to change goals and add new technologies to the plan.

Innovative approaches toward business functions in partnering with sites that draw together like-minded customers (e.g., electronic neighborhoods, reinventing commerce, extracting information from data exchange):
The school has created a community that the students can come together online and help their surrounding community. The website also helps the people in the community to find resources that can help them