New York City and Community Health Profile Essay

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Yong Zheng
PRLS 1001
Place-Based Assignment

Question 1: Hispanic or Latino dominates the area; according to statistics, the community represents 25.8% of New York County (approximate population of 419,549). However, the statistic subdivided as follows in Sunset Park neighborhood (Community Health Profile 1).
Percent Foreign Born
Percent of Adults not Graduating High School
Percent In Poverty
Sunset Park
The sunset Park has the highest population of Hispanic and Asian (mostly Chinese) residents than New York and Brooklyn in General. As illustrated below

The community has high rate of foreign-born accounting almost half of the population. Because of the high number of immigrants, the poverty level is high (Community Health Profile 5).
Other groups who live within the same Sunset Park enclave’s spatial dimensions are as follows: Roughly, 42.6% of inhabitants of Sunset Park are Latino or Hispanic or, 36.2% are white, 29% are Asian (predominantly Chinese), 3.2% are African American or blacks, and 24.7% are other races (Community Health Profile 5).
Health coverage is significant for access to health care. Inhabitants in this neighborhood are more likely not covered compared to residents in Brooklyn and New York City (approximately 18% vs. 26% vs. in NYC and Brooklyn) (Community Health Profile 2). In addition, another 16% of populace in Sunset Park lacks health insurance at some period during previous times, compared to 11% in NYC (Community Health Profile 5). The mortality rate in Sunset Park has reduced by over 15% in the past years, reflecting the rate decrease in New York City (Community Health Profile 2).
Question 2; Sunset Park is a 20 minutes walking distance from my location. It is among the New York’s concealed treasures. Located in the Brooklyn area that bares its identity, the park is renowned for its magnificent vista. It offers, at sunset, and at any time, eye-catching views of the craggy horizon of Manhattan. From the park’s peak tower, one can observe the exciting Brooklyn neighborhoods, the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey and the green hills of Staten Island (New York City Department of Parks & Recreation 1-2). It served by rail and road infrastructures. The district has access to three restricted highways; the NY 27 (Prospect) Expressways, the I-278 (Gowanus) and the Belt Parkway (Cohen 1-2).
City Living: it has variety, open space, great transit; it is massive. A person will need over a day to stroll it and take in all its astonishing variety by foot. Some residents suggested it takes two days by foot or use a bike or car. On its Fourth Avenue, a profoundly trafficked two-way boulevard that is both commercial and residential (tacos to tattoos to auto parts), one will find most of the learning institutions, the library, elder housing, the police precinct and the fire station and (Cohen 1-2).
The bathhouse situated at seventh Avenue amidst 41st and 44th avenues in Sunset Park is constructed to create a gorgeous, historically suitable and reachable spray shower in the footstep of the accessible wading pool (New York City Department of Parks & Recreation 1-2).
Getting to location, I realized that the demographic changes since the other ethnic groups, the old and the young were present. It is a 10-acre area park situated off 36th avenue in Northwest Boise. It has open play area, dog off-leash area, restrooms, playground, practice fields, basketball, softball and tennis courts (New York City Department of Parks & Recreation 1-2). These amenities attract different demographic population.
Question 3: I spoke with two managers in two different Latin owned bodegas