New York City and Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Is It Possible to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Some Money?
Nothing is for free around the world, especially in New York City a place where if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle then you better get ready to spend a lot of money. At least that is what people with good financial situations do, but how about the people who can’t afford to have an organic lifestyle? Well, if you ask me then, I would say, to exercise at free places, prepare your own food and, change your eating habits. After all a few changes can actually guide us to what we are looking for. First, exercise is fundamental for our bodies; it is also a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle but, if you go to check the price for a membership in a gym in New York and, you do not have a good financial situation then you better look for something else. With that being said, the best solution would be doing exercise somewhere else such as, parks, sidewalks, or even at home. For instance, instead of staying home the whole day, why not going to central park to jump rope or going outside to run for a little while? Maybe instead of taking the elevators, why not simply take the stairs? All those things are simply for free, and it will give your body a healthy shape. Second, one of the things people loves in New York City is how they can find delicious junk food everywhere they go, such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Pizzerias. For people who works around NYC or visits the city often it is good to stay away from these places. A great way to not spend so much money buying food is making them. We don’t know how the food is done in restaurants or how it is put in there. So, why not preparing your own food at home? Not everyone can cook, but I am sure everyone can learn! That would be a great solution for people to be able to control how much they are spending, to know what they eating and, more importantly to maintain their healthy style.
Last, another way to have an affordable healthy lifestyle is to change your eating habits. Small changes can actually help you a lot through in any situation; in this case instead of eating every 3 hours then, why not eating only 3 meals a day? Researches confirm that people who eat 3 good meals a day instead of eating something every 3 hours are healthier and live longer. That not only can benefit your health but, it will also help you spend less money buying food. Even further, you won’t need to waste your time in huge lines anymore giving you extra time to do something else. In conclusion, New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the United States and in order to maintain a healthy life here is really difficult especially if you do not have a good financial situation but, it is not impossible. There are three ways that people with a limited financial can afford a healthy lifestyle such as exercise at free places, prepare your own food and, last change your eating habits. Remember, few simple changes can actually guide us to what we are looking for.

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14 November 2014
How Can Teachers Motivate Their Students?
Many students these days lack motivation; some have experienced failure before and gave up, others are to scare to try, and some do not even care about their goals. Why is that? That is because teachers usually fails to encourage their students to motivate them to achieve and others do not even bother to use any method for the student’s sake. I’ve been wondering about three helpful methods to encourage students to reach their goals and I got in this conclusion. First, use positive competition; second, give praise when earned; last, allow the apprentices to work together as a group. This way they will not only feel more motivated but also thankful for learning things that will benefit them in the future.
Competition in the classroom is not always a bad thing; in some cases it can actually motivate students to try harder to achieve their goals. Work to foster