New York City and Sciulla Prof. Jeffery Essay

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Allison Sciulla Prof. Jeffery English 2-28-13 I remember when my parents decided to take our family and travel along

the coast of Alaska, but before adventuring off to Alaska, we made a few stops starting off with Seattle, Washington. It was like a smaller version of New York City, but with lots more homeless people living off the streets. The saddest part of it all, was most of them were young. It was like the hippies took over the city. Other than that if you ignored all of them Seattle was beautiful and a lot cleaner than NYC. It had all the major retail stores and Starbucks in every corner - I practically felt at home. After four days in Seattle, we were ready to head off and take the train to

our next stop - Vancouver, Canada. Never had I seen such an eco-friendly environment. The streets were paved and spotless, recycling bins in every restaurant and cafe and not even a McDonalds in sight. Their were tons of organic restaurants, cafes and organic food products; clearly maintaining a healthy diet is way more emphasized in Canada than in the States. No wonder why we are so lazy and obese! However, except for the outrages prices, Vancouver is a lovely place to live. Everything is three to four times more expensive than NYC. Movie rentals in the hotel were sixteen dollars each, dairy

and grocery prices were off the roof. That you might as well eat out and spare yourself the trouble of cooking. Nonetheless, if I had the money, I’d move their in a blink of…