Essay on New York City and a. T. Steward

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Section 3 (pages 425- 430) * American Hotels turned into people’s palaces, they had elegant lobbies. If you had money, you could pay to entertain friends in the dining room which had a crystal chandelier. * Department stores turned into buyers’ palaces * Goods of every shape, price, and description * Anybody could walk in * Some were large enough to fill a whole city block * In London * Gentlemen and ladies could get in * If you were not known, you couldn’t get in * Had to be a “person of quality” * Steward’s Cast Iron Palace * Completed in 1862, New York City * One of the 1st big department stores * product of two different types of Go-getters, businessman and inventor * store was 8 stories high, * famous for the biggest store in the world * it had “show-windows”, people could window shop * A. T. Steward * Merchant * Came to U.S., from Ireland * At Age 17 * Started to sell Irish laces * Soon branched out into all kinds of Goods * James Borgardus, started as watchmaker’s apprentice in upstate New York, designed and eight day clock, he then became famous, and then he invented many new machines such as, one of making cotton thread, and one for grinding sugar, also a mechanical pencil. His important idea was the construction of a building of cast iron. * Borgardus * 5 story factory, built in 1850, probably 1st cast iron building in America. * On July 4, 1876, the nation celebrated 100th birthday, with a Centennial Exposition held at Philadelphia, there were all American products, visitors are were amazed * Machinery Hall- dominated by the gigantic Corliss Steam Engine…