New York City Art Importance

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New York City-- the art capital of the world-- when compared to other famous cities is a major melting pot for vastly different cultures. Here you can find just about anything from just about anywhere. This cultural diversity is apparent in so many ways; from how we dress, what we eat, what we listen to and the luxuries we enjoy. Art is a major part of New York City and New York City’s culture because it offers virtually everyone an outlet for creativity. In recent years, we have found that the younger generation of New Yorkers have not been adequately enriched in the arts, despite the various areas where one can go in the city to find enlightenment about different artistic eras, people, and forms. Without the influences of art in a young person’s life, a very large part of their culture as well as academic ability may be lost. …show more content…
When grade eight came along, I didn’t get to see another art class until my senior year in high school. This left me without an outlet for creativity for a long time, and I resorted to taking art classes outside of an educational setting. However, higher ups in the educational system have finally seen the importance of art in the curriculum for younger students, and it is making a major comeback. Michelle Obama has always been an advocate for extracurricular activities in public school systems such as an increase in physical activity and better school lunches, but most recently she has been an advocate for the arts. In an article by The Huffington Post the first lady states that, “Arts education isn't something we add on after we've achieved other priorities, like raising test scores and