New York City Firefighter Research Paper

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Matt McMahon Ms. Cooley Writing for College 16 December 2010 The Life of a New York City Fireman Every young boy has a specific person who he feels is his hero. Many of these heroes are seen on TV or in comic books. At a young age, these characters are referred to as superheroes. As these kids grow older, their views of idols change into professional sports players like Derek Jeter, Lebron James or Sidney Crosby. Once kids hit a certain age they don’t believe in the superheroes, they just have heroes from movies and sports. The funny thing is superheroes do exist and always have. Just because they cant fly and pick up buildings doesn’t mean they are any less heroic than the ones who can in comic books. When someone is in danger or in any type of life threatening situation, they depend on police officers and firefighters to be there for their safety. The system works much like how it did on cartoons or in comic books for that matter. When someone is in distress they call 911 who gets the information and refers it to a local fire departments dispatch. The dispatch then sends the call out to the fireman who race to report to the scene as fast as they can. Although being a firefighter is not as easy as it looks or sounds. Being a New York City firefighter is very different from any other job in the world. People go to their normal job about five days a week for about an eight hour shift. Being a firefighter isn't any normal job. The shifts