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New York University

New York University is now one of the largest private universities in the United States. The campus is located in downtown Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. NYU offers alot of oppotunities for students with over 400 student clubs and organizations, hundreds of sports and residence hall activities, guest lectures and film screenings, and city excursions and community service opportunities, students get involved with the University, with their college, in their residence hall, and most important, with each other. Students and faculty have access to an exceptional range of facilities, services, residence halls, and dining locations. Academic facilities include nine libraries as well as dozens of specialized centers and institutes. Everyone has access to advanced computer resources and specialized offices that address almost every need from medical attention to discount theatre tickets. Many of NYU’s academic and administrative buildings and freshman residence halls border Washington Square Park. The sidewalks are full of students on their way to class, and members of the NYU community fill the restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Both on campus and off, the people of NYU are directly involved in the day-to-day excitement, culture, and opportunity of the city that serves as a very real extension of NYU’s campus and classrooms. There are 43,911 students attend New york University,which is 43,363 more than the average for all Colleges and Universities. and it is one of the largest university in the us. NYU requires scores for SAT/ACT to be for reading 620/70, Math score of 630/740 and writing 640/730. A G.P.A of 3.6 and up . NYU want to have kinds that are involved in electives and outside of things that help your community grow. The most popular majors at New York