News About Complaint of Café de Coral Essay

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Café de Coral is one of the popular restaurants in Hong Kong. However, it also has some customer complaints. In this report, it will talk about one of the case of it. The contents include the background of Café de Coral, the causes of the customer complaint, which elements of procedural and personal sides of customer service were not fulfilled by the concerned service provider. Last one is what would we do to turn the dissatisfied customers to become satisfied ones, or motivate them to become loyal customers.

News content In this article, Miss Tse who ordered a hot pot meal in Cafe de Coral. When she got the meal after twenty minutes, around ten cockroaches run outside from the hot pot. Miss Tse and her family even
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Moreover, the manager failed to seek and encourage the feedback. For example, the manager did not ask anything before Miss Tse left. The manager did not seek any improve feedback from Miss Tse.

There are 7 points about the personal dimension: attitude of body language, tone of voice, selling skill, attentiveness, guidance and product knowledge. In this case, there are some elements of personal side of customer service were not fulfilled by concerned service provider.

Firstly, there is a poor attitude of the manager. When Miss Tse call the manager to handle this case, but the manager say that she can only change the hot pot and take away the pot. It is no any apologize to Miss Tse. It is very important that the restaurant should provide the clean food to the customers. Unfortunately, they cannot do this principle. Also, when the customers complained to the restaurant, they had a poor attitude to face Miss Tse. The manager took away the hot pot without any apologize. The manager was very not respect to Miss Tse.

Moreover, after Miss Tse complained the hot pot was having ten cockroaches, the manager just said that he or she had changed a new hot pot to you. The manager spoke to Miss Tse with poor tone of voice. The manager should apologize to Miss Tse with appropriate tone of voice but the manager did not do that. The manager did not feel sorry for Miss Tse and the manager did not treat Miss Tse as a loyalty costumer.