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Ai Inamura week 3
Yuichiro Miura: On top of the World

On this past May, Yuichiro Miura, eighty-years-old, and became the oldest alpinist who conquered Mountain Everest. He has done to stand top of the world three times since turning 70. He is also pro a professional skier since twenties, and He is famous for skiing down the slopes of Mount Everest in 1970, as well as skiing down the highest peaks on all seven continents. He has entry in the Guinness Book for ”The man who skied down Everest." In truth, when he turned 80, he had four times operations for arrhythmia. However, after he took it, he had been training hard until to go to top of Mt. Everest. When he climb to there, he took time about double to usual course for take care his heart. He overcome a lot of difficult courses and reached top. He says he would to try to ski down Mount Cho Oyu (8201m) in the Himalayas when he become 85. He has always tried to push the boundaries himself.

Japan record highest Carbon dioxide emission

The last year, Japanese carbon dioxide emission record high. One of the reason is depend on fossil fuels following the nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture was damaged with the earthquake that happened on March 2011. Japanese carbon dioxide emissions reached 1224 million tons. It means that increased to 9% in compare with 2010 which is before the earthquake. According to the report in 2014, amount of world carbon dioxide emission is 31.8 billion tons, and Japan is the fifth-highest in the world. However, Japanese companies have began to develop new technologies for the issue. The feature is that using carbon dioxide and producing the fuel. These companies have began to develop artificial photosynthesis with light of the sun, carbon dioxide and water, and also produce the car which generated electricity with hydrogen.

Toyota produced Mirai fuel-cell vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation produced and start selling new fuel-cell