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No More Sports at Jim Hill
By Alexie Kindy and Elise Klein The Minot Public School Board held a meeting in January to discussed the topic of sports at Jim Hill Middle School. Due to cost and medical concerns, the school board has decided to eliminate all sports in the middle schools. These cuts will save money for our middle schools’ other programs and curricular activites. Not only will it save money, but it will reduce injuries and keep the students safer.
Cost wise, sports are just too expensive for the school’s budget. The equipment and supplies are getting too expensive to buy. The school buses and gas expenses for the teams’ transportation adds to the cost. The coaches and referees also need to be payed. The football field and courts will need to be maintained. With all these cuts the schools could save approximately $180,000. Even after the athletes pay their participation fee, it is not enough to cover all the expenses.
The money we save will go towards upgrades to our school. We will invest this money to our new gym and better education for our schools. The school plans to use the money to purchase iPad carts for the schools. Some of the money will also be spent on air conditioning for the classrooms. Medical concerns were a major consideration in the decision. Sports injuries rarely happen at Jim Hill, but they are a possibility.Concussions are something our coaches are very careful to prevent. Concussions damage the brain, and can affect your learning. If you have trouble learning it, will