Newspaper: Paper Recycling and Smart Mobile Phone

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Facing the technology wave and penetration rate of the Internet, the position of tradition media was challenged slightly, such as newspaper and other paper media, it cause people have already been used to get information from the Internet. When reader give up read books instant for smart mobile phone or tablet personal computer and those abandon read paper news in place of free online news. In addition, a great deal people consider newspaper is not environmentally friendly. Newspaper seem to lost existence value. The following essay will demonstrate those main point for this.

One of the main outdated reasons of newspaper is the Internet have appeared in over the last decade. It has definitely become one of the most popular media due to the fact Internet users can through social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) to share new information and various communications to whole the worldwide on time. For example, a great earthquake hit Costa Rica in September 2012, however, just 30 seconds after the earthquake, the related news was issued quickly in Twitter. Nolan, M.( 2012 ) reported that the most important repository of documentary for humankind is YouTube in existence. Through live streaming, YouTube is becoming a real window on world events, it is already the biggest and most accessible video database of life on earth as well as. Allowing internet users obtains web sites convenient; it will likely impact many medias. For this reason, traditional media were superseded by YouTube sooner or later.

On the other hand, the read habit of humans have changed by new communications technology products, such as smart mobile phone and tablet personal computer. Judging by International Data Corporation ( 2012 ) studies show in term to the population of using smart mobile phone and tablet personal computer, those reached a peak of 20 billion and 1.5 billion, respectively. Journalist's Resource ( 2012 ) indicates there was about 11 percentage of American have tablet personal computer. 77 percentage tablet personal computer user not only use it every day, but also the average use time was 90 miutes. It also changed the habit of user which read newspaper and magazines. The main difference between tablet user and general population is that 20 percentage tablet user read various newspaper and magazines in the tablet personal computer, it was double the high of general population.

In other words, the rise of the Internet and high-tech products, those offers newspaper and newspaper publishers a new opportunity to develop online newspaper system and services. It also provides a large number free read resources for reader in the Internet.
Molina ( 1997 ) as cited by Lee, Y.C.( 1999 ) , there was 386 newspaper publishers on the Web in the world, in particular, there was 171 online newspaper publishers in the United States. Importantly, it rose dramatically to around 1600 and 2000 online news publishers, respectively. Furthemore, newspaper daily and archives are free provided for reader by most of online publishers, such as, the Wall Street Journal.
As a result, online newspaper service can transmit information, data, images, and video economically and fast by the global connectivity of the Internet.

Another major problem which newspaper cannot ignore is environmental protection issue. Nowadays, it is worth to attach importance to concept of environmental protection because main raw material of newspaper is tress. It is common knowledge that a number of growth period of trees must spend few decade year and trees paper is made from a mix of types of trees. According to Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, R. O. C. ( Taiwan ) ( 2000 ) illustrates that in order to producing 1 ton paper (approximately 5 thousand newspaper) must consume roughly 20 trees which the height of 8 meter and the diameter of 16 centimeter. In addition, an average tree to grow about 20 years to 40 years. Moreover, a stack