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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is known to most today as the one of the greatest scientist who ever lived. What most people don't know is that Isaac Newton had a deep belief of God and his idea that a greater understanding of science would lead to a greater understanding of the creator of the universe God. Newton achieved many accomplishments during his lifetime. Although it wasn't always easy Newton overcame the odds and became one of the brightest minds in the world. Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England on December 25, 1642. He never knew his father because he passed away three months before Isaac was born. When Isaac was two years old his is mother, Hannah Ayscough remarried a minister of a church ny the name of Barnabas Smith. Isaac was was then cared for by his grandmother Margery Ayscough and grandfather James Ayscough and treated pretty much like an orphan child. Newton never mentions his grandfather James and it is believed that there was very little love between Newton and his grandfather. He had a very rough childhood and felt alone. He never felt loved and he had bitterness towards his mother and his now step father. His stepfather passed away in 1653 and Isaac was reunited with his mother and lived with her, his grandmother, a half brother and two half sisters. Newton’s uncle William Ayscough talked Isaac’s mother into letting him attend a grammar school to prepare him to attend a university one day. HIs mother agreed and Isaac began attending a free grammar school in Grantham, although the school was only five miles away from his home he stayed and lived with the Clark family. He showed very little promise and determination in his school work. “His school reports described him as idle and inattentive”. (O’Connor, Robertson, 2000) He was the oldest of the children so his mother took him out of school and put him in charge of the family farm and estate, but shortly after running the family’s land Isaac decided he had no real interest and desire to manage the family farm and estate. So Newton returned to grammar school in Grantham and finished up his academic career there in order to prepare him to attend a university in the future. Newton never really had a true father figure in his life. HIs uncle was probably the closest father figure that he had, This could be one of the reasons Newton struggled in times of his life and may be a reason for his nervous breakdowns that he suffered during his lifetime. Newton would enroll in the college his uncle attended known as Trinity College in Cambridge in 1661. He sought out a law degree. Even though his mother was well off and had plenty of money, Newton had to enter the University as a sizar. He had to work as a servant to other students to receive an allowance to be able to pay his bills. He studied the ideas of Descartes, Boyle, Gassendi, and Hobbes and gained knowledge from their research and developed ideas and theories of his own. He wrote a book filled with his ideas and entitled it. Newton was introduced to mathematics when he bought an astrology book and found that he could not understand the concepts in it. He became very interested in the subject and also in physics, astrology and optics. On April 28, 1864 Isaac Newton was elected as a scholar by the age of 25 he graduated with a bachelors degree in 1665. Newton was still under the age of 25 years old when he developed revolutionary advances in mathematics, optics, astronomy, and physics. “Newton produced simple analytical methods that unified many separate techniques previously developed to solve apparently unrelated problems such as finding areas, tangents, the lengths of curves and the maxima and minima of functions.” (O’Connor, Robertson 2000) The university had to close down in 1666 due to the outbreak of the black plague, so Newton went home and continued his studies and laid foundations for integral and differential calculus. Newton developed with simple methods brought together