Converged Technologies In The Next Five Years

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Technology has taken a very important part in our lives. No matter what we do we have to use technology. Technology is rapidly expanding and has grown in recognition. Technology has advanced very quickly in recent years and is constantly being updated. I remember that in the past we communicated by writing letters. We did not have any means to use the cellphones. Technology has evolved tremendously: a couple years ago we could not send picture messages, nor use applications on the phone during a phone call. With all these innovations what will be the future of converged technologies in the next five years?

Today mobile phones have become an important part in our daily lives. Mobile phones did not look like what they are look like today nor are they as performant as they are today. I remember that in 1995 cellphones were very big and even with had antennas but today they are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Today cellphones are touchscreen; they even run operating systems on them like Windows 7. You can multitask on newer phones: you can even make and receive e-mails and SMS texts, as well as use the Internet via WiFi. In the next five years cellphone technology will be further developed, even though we are still having problems with having data and voice at the same time, as when you send a picture message for example while talking on the phone, you have to end the conversation for the message to reach its destination. Also, browsing the internet is very slow or sometimes quite impossible while talking on the phone but in the next five years this technology will also be advanced. In addition, according to an article that I read, in five years cellphones will be able to produce holograms of whoever you will be talking to. Isn’t it that cool? IBM is already working on this technology in their labs. "We see 3D technology moving into the cellphone, which will have the ability to transmit information off the cell phone to create a 3D hologram, projecting the hologram on any surface in life size," said Paul Bloom, IBM's CTO for telecommunications research, in a recent interview.
Computers have also evolved during the years. From big computers with CPU, keyboards and mice, computers have changed into portable laptops and netbook .Now we can do so many things using the computer. Computers are useful for calling, texting and using programs such as Facebook. They combine many features and are one of the most popular convergent technologies today. I truly believe that in the next five years computers will be slimmer and slimmer. We will even be able to carry them on our wrist as a watch. Smaller and smaller chips will appear that will even have a size of an atom. I truly think that in the next years computers will be even able to predict the weather accurately. In addition, computers will be able to research climate, astronomy, molecular modeling and physical simulations. In the coming years convergence technologies will also be used in the factories. Convergence technologies will help a lot of factories decrease their production time, decrease also the energy consumption time. People will have the power to remotely control their production using wireless technology and cloud computing. Factories will even need less people to work for them because self-powered wireless sensors will be able to monitor the production and the equipment. The Internet is also