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Sir, —
I, J.P.N. Calvo, a South Carolina Secessionist and Privateersman, take the liberty of expressing myself freely to you in regard to the imprisonment of the privateersmen in the above named place. . . . We are not Pirates, and it is a sin and a shame that an intelligent Government should tolerate such an idea and have us entombed in damp Cells, eight by six feet, with food only fit for hogs. . . . You can no more make us out Pirates than you and the Army Prisoners of the Confederate States, or those of the Federal Navy and Federal Army, or the Privateersmen and Army of America when she was in her infancy and rebelled against England. The Seceded States have as much right to have her private armed vessels on the seas, if they have no Navy, as the United States have with Naval vessels. . . . In conclusion allow me to say for myself, if you still think and will have it that I am a Pirate for serving my country, (Southern Confederacy) as a Privateersman, in God’s name have me indicted, tried, sentenced and hung, instead of having me imprisoned as above stated. . . .
With all due respect, I am
Your Prisoner, J.P.N. Calvo
Washington, D.C. January 5th, 1862
Mr. President.

1.) From reading the letter above , what type of person do you think lincoln was when it came to war ?

To your request that a concerted plan of operations should be adopted, I can only reply that the present position and unknown purposes of the enemy require that our plan should have many alterations. I have noted your converging lines upon Richmond, and it can hardly be necessary to remind you that we have not at this time the transportation which would enable us to move upon those lines as described. Should the fortune of war render it necessary to retire our advance columns, they must be brought mainly upon railroads, and that of Harper's Ferry would come by your present position. It would, therefore, be a necessity that General Johnston's column should make a junction with yours, before yours retired ; but I have not anticipated the necessity of your retreat, and have struggled to increase your force, and look hopefully forward to see you enabled to assume the offensive. Had I been less earnestly engaged in providing