Ngo: Vaccine and Clean Water Essay

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NGO Proposal
Lack of water has become a major issue in Somalia so it is crucial to introduce a way to filter water by raising money for wells and sanitation pumps. Clean water is of the utmost importance for a healthier life. Untreated water can lead to terrible repercussions resulting in water borne illnesses such as Cholera, HIV/AIDS, and intestinal worms. Studies show that “1.4 million children die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation.” (Abdulrab) In order to prevent the risk of waterborne illnesses the Lifestraw would be about $20 to buy. The Lifestraw, produced by VESTERGAARD, is a innovative way to filtering almost any kind of water. The Lifestraw is a small straw like filter that blocks harmful pathogens. The Lifestraw can filter up to 1,000 liters of water. Ten thousand Lifestraws will be donated to Somalia so the total cost would be 200,000 dollars. In order to get the money, advertisements will be made to advocate about Somalias water crisis and how many people die each year. The advertisements will be encouraging 5,000 people to donate $4 each month for 10 months. “Only 30 percent of the population has access to safe water.” (UNICEF) To help make sure that everyone has clean water, we want to raise money to build wells to ensure good health.
In order to do that money is necessary to make the goal a reality. The cost of building one deep bore hole well with an electrical pump and generator would cost around $125,000. Construction would also cost around $30,000. Each well would cater to around 6,000 people. The total cost would be $155,000. The goal would be to set up 5 wells. So in total, it would benefit 30,000 people. To get the money, a convincing commercial has to be made to spread the news. If 5 wells were to be build, $775,000 would be needed altogether for this project. At least 10,000 people could donate $6 dollars for 12 months. Getting clean water is important since it helps stop the spread of possibly fatal diseases. Some obstacles that could delay everything would be how to convince people in the US that even though that they don’t not have clean water there are other people in the world with horrible water. Other obstacles is that even though the donation price every year is low some people may not be able to donate because of financial issues.
Polio has become a major issue so it is necessary to get as many people vaccinated and educated as possible. “ least 105 cases of polio have been recorded in…