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A. (2 marks – ½ mark for each job description and ½ mark for how it relates to BlackBerry)
Description of specific IT jobs
Explain how the job helps BlackBerry
Applications Software Developer: His/her main duties are to research, design, and test new software that has a specific purpose.
Blackberry needs applications (apps) for its smart phone. Developing software for the market requires an expert who can anticipate what the users will like and make apps that will increase Blackberry's popularity and attract new users and maintain current users.
Graphic Designer: designs visuals to communicate an idea, purpose, or meaning
BlackBerry's packaging, graphics used in applications, and any other marketing material use in reference to their smart phone. B. (5 marks – 1 mark for each example)
CBIS Component
Example of the first five components of a CBIS using potential sales processes at BlackBerry
BlackBerry's main hardware in its sales is the smart phone, that allows people to communicate with each other through texting, speaking, and video messaging. Its current smart phone is the BlackBerry Passport.
BlackBerry I0 OS, is the operating system that is the heart of the smart phone
In their smart phone there is data such as address book, browser data, and camera options essential to the sales processes.
BlackBerry relies on Wi-Fi to connect BlackBerry
The instructions that the user inputs into the smart phone, combines the above components to do a variety of tasks, such as communication.
C. (8 marks, ½ mark for a description of the factor in the competitive force, ½ mark for how it affects BlackBerry)
1. The threat of entry of new competitors (entrants)
Concept that affects the competitive force
How the concept affects BlackBerry
New competitors can enter the market when the entry barrier is low. Examples of entry barriers can be capital, intellectual property, and access to resources. Thus, making the threat of new competitors to current companies a force to be reckon with. The adverse is when the entry barriers are high there is less threat of new competitors and your market share is maintain.
BlackBerry dominated the smart phone market is the late 90s to early 00s. Their market share since then dwindled with the entrance of new competitors who were able to overcome the market barriers (Gillette, 2013). They were able to successfully develop new applications, mimic their smart phone and improve the smart phone (Gillette, 2013). Companies such as Apple and Samsung has become the leading competitors of the smart phone.

2. The bargaining power of suppliers (suppliers)
Concept that affects the competitive force
How the concept affects BlackBerry
Supplier's bargaining power is high when they are the part of few choices that buyers have to buy from. The inverse is when there are many choices for the buyers to choose from, decreasing the supplier's bargaining power. Factors that affect their bargaining power is substitutes, competition, and distribution.
BlackBerry use to be the only supplier of smart phone to retailers (the buyers) and had high bargaining power to demand certain prices. With new