Nguyen's Essay 'The Good Immigrant Student'

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“What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet,” one of William Shakespeare famous lines in Romeo and Juliet. Identity is who a person is. Many people read this easy definition and automatically say their name sarcastically and stop reading into it, while others take this to a much deeper place than their name. They take into account everything that makes them, them. Their religion, race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality and countless other factors make up people’s identity. A handful of people struggle with the concept of identity because today's world is very mixed and open to new ideas, but also judgmental of these things at the same time. For example, gender is not just male and female. A person who was born a male and lived as one for most of his life could identify as transgender and want to live as a female, like Olympic gold medalist formally known as Bruce Jenner …show more content…
In the essay “The good Immigrant Student,” the author Bich Nguyen, talks about how immigrant students should have two identities: “English for school and their friends and keep another for home and family” (Nguyen 460). Many people do not a see problem with this shift in identities. However, that is not often the case people can lose themselves trying to be someone they're not. In young kids this is a real problem; over Americanizing may cause them to interest in their roots and culture. Even the essay speaks about how Bich, the author, and her sister had lost so much interest in the original Vietnamese culture because they didn’t know how to read Vietnamese and struggled doing the homework that was in that language. This type of assimilation is taking away from people’s and the world's culture, such as possibly losing that language all together. Obviously that may seem like an extreme example, but it has happened to other languages and will happen