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Jordan Gilbert
National Honor Society
27 February 2015
National Honor Society Acceptance A character trait that I have possessed during my high school career and still possess today is trustworthiness. There are examples where I have shown trustworthiness such as babysitting, my job as a childcare provider at my church, being a teammate on the basketball team and on the track team and teachers trust me throughout the school. My first example is babysitting. When parents leave me with their child that is a big responsibility in itself, but the huge factor in knowing that they will come home worry free is trust. They put their trust in me to make sure that the child will be cared for if hurt, fed if hungry and entertained when bored. The second example is my job as a childcare provider at my church. Even though it is just for a hour or two at a time, I am still trusted to give children the message of Jesus Christ and the stories of the bible, to help them further their relationship with God. I am a big step in helping the child grow with their love for God and most importantly, their understanding of his love for them. The third example is being a teammate/athlete. On the basketball team, there is a huge need for trust within a team. With my teammates, they have to trust me that I am going to put in my full effort, show up to practice on time, put in extra work if needed, play hard and be supportive. With my coach she has to trust me that I am going to put in one hundred percent effort and be committed to the team and the sport. On the track team it is the same kind of expectations but different circumstances.