Niagara: Marketing and Young Adults Essay

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Advertisers use the methods of commitment, consistency and social proof to persuade their consumers into buying beer. The media’s advertisers definitely have had a major impact on the way that young adults think about beer. In today’s time young adults are the new target in the scheme of advertising. Commitment involves the buyer making an agreement to his customer that his product is the best and he will go out of his reach to prove to the customer that this is true. Commitment is followed by consistency which is when the buyer tries to convince his customer to buy his product by continuously sending out things that might persuade the seller to buy their products. The definition of social proof is when the seller tells the buyer that everyone else just like the buyer is buying and enjoying his product, furthermore convincing the buyer to buy the product. Though young adults believe that the advertisements and commercials are consider to be credible, it actually just a big scheme to get money out of the young generation pocket.
Advertisers use commitment and consistency by sending out all types of ads of beers promote their product. The typical ads of beer usually come on television as commercials. The most repetitive time they show beer ads is when the super bowl is on TV. In the super bowl in 2007 Anhensur-Busch Company spent about $500 million dollars on commercials in the Super bowl. The price may have been expensive, but it seemed to have worked considering that 1.01 billion dollars was spent on nothing but beer.
Another way that advertisers use commitment and consistency into making young adults buy their beer is from the internet. It is quite evident that the majority of people that spends more time on the internet and watching TV are young adults. Advertiser already knowing this fact about young adults will take the advantage and post as many ads on the young adult’s social network such as Facebook and Twitter pages as possible. Most advertisements on the web would show pictures of young adults partying and drinking their beer. In the 8