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Reading Report Nicholas



Jason DeNicolais


In the article”Learning in the 21st century”, the author named Greg Anderson described

that internet has become a part which influences many sides of people’s lives and to some

extent it has become a necessary one. Such as the environments of works, the ways of

amusements, the ways about how to communicate with others ,education setups. And

then, Anderson pointed out that “internet provides risks for children, having no con-

sciousness can result in unpopular passive impact on children”(Anderson,2007).Internet

has grown dramatically over the last 10 years and the rapid growth of technology has be

come a main part of the official educational system in many countries, parents take care

of believing that impacts their children learning definitely, and assist them build up their

performance at school. On the other hand, Anderson told about the relationship between

family environment and the safety of internet. In the end, he said that to build a shielded

facilities for internet safety is important to care the disadvantages of internet for children.


In the article entitled “Learning in the 21st century”, Greg Anderson

Mentioned a biased attitude of the internet which has already change our lives a lot. He

considered that internet has many advantages and disadvantages in both way and the use

rate of it has increased rapidly. In my opinion, I agree with the effect of the computer

from the author, but I have different idea with the aspect of the remote education. First,

teaching students through the Internet will lead to the lack of emotion communication

that will make children tierd and boring. It also can reduce the efficiency because of the

unsteady condition of the Internet and it’s not a good way for teacher to observe the

atmosphere in class. In addition, the computer screen will affect students’ eyes , they will

have a worse eyesite than before. Finally, I think we can use traditional education system

as a main method and