Nicholas Ii of Russia and Tsar Essay

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Written by Tsar Nicholas himself, Source B showcases an extract from the October Manifesto, implemented in the year 1905. It outlines both the rules and changes the Tsar promised to enforce within that year. With the perspective of the source being from Tsar Nicholas, it hence proves to have a more bias and persuasive perspective. Being from the person directly linked to the source, it seeks to persuade the reader of the changes for the future whilst also providing factual information. Source B is also somewhat reliable as it seeks to persuade the responder of the changes the Tsar was willing to implement ‘for his people’ so as to gain a positive response regarding the content.

Source B would be of moderate usefulness for an historian investigating the effectiveness of the October Manifesto in providing a solution to the problems in Russian society. The perspective and reliability of the source both increase the usefulness to an historian, as it is factual, official decree and seeks to inform the reader through presenting the facts of concern. However, the source itself speaks of the promises and intentions of the Tsar for change within the Russian society, which the Tsar did not entirely follow through with. The Tsar’s incompetency as an autocrat during his reign proved to be one of the main causes of the fall of Russia, thus highlighting his need to ‘prove and advocate’ to his people that they could place their trust in him. The source provides detail on how the Tsar…