Analysis Of Oedipus

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Nicholas Lopez
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Orlando Pizana
Activity 8-1

At the beginning of Oedipus, his qualities of a ruler are really shown and the citizens can rely on him. He is very confident and saves Thebes from the curse of the Sphinx. Before the play even begins, Oedipus was in control for some time and his marriage with Jocasta created a family of four children. Every step of the way, people go out of their way and tell him to leave the past, but he is determined to find out the murderer. Towards the end, he continues controlling everything and everyone with his actions. Antigone is very much like Oedipus except that she remebers the past. Creon is first shown to be separated from Thebes and is a manipulator yet shows Oedipus much respect. Creon is offended and alarmed when Oedipus accusses him of betrayal, but speaking to him calmly made him think otherwise. Towards the end of the story, Oedipus faces his fate and Creon begins to step and have the power. He followed the dictates of gods instead of resisting his fate like Oedipus did. Tireseas was the blind prophet who knew everything that happened but didn't want to tell anyone. When Oedipus accuses Tireseas of betrayal, he then tells Oedipus that he is guilty of murder. Jocasta was the wife and mother of Oedipus. She tries to convince him to ignore what Tireseas is saying, hoever she is realizing that it is true of what he did. Jocasta takes her own life once she realizes that her son killed her husband, and Oedipus is now her husband. The chorus in this play represents the older citizens of Thebes, and are the reactors of the play. They respond with several types of feelings and definitely interprets the play. The priest has a small role in the play, yet he was the one who told Oedipus that the city was sufferring and that he needed to save it.
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