Nicholas Purpera Essay

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Nicholas Purpera
English 1001
Dr. Jude Meche

Efficiency is a person’s way to increase productivity, while decreasing time and effort. Efficiency can be very helpful in many ways to get the job done. You can be efficient in many obstacles and job in life. People in today’s generation are efficient while performing many tasks such as playing sports, doing school work, and managing businesses. Other ways people can be efficient is by taking online classes and taking performance enhancing drugs. Colleges can be efficient by making large classrooms with a rather large amount of students. Even though efficiency can be useful, is it all that efficiency is worked up to be? Although efficiency can be very helpful, it is also can create bad habits, not allowing you to perform at your best ability, and many risks are involved. People in today’s world are trying to be more “efficient” but they are really just taking the easy way out.
Efficiency helps save time, but creates bad habits and poor work ethics. Many college students in today’s world depend on their computers to do their school work for them. They use the internet as a source ideas that should be originated by one’s self. By being efficient and using computers and depend on them to do your work for you ; you create bad habits of always depending on your computer to do your work for you and when time comes when a computer is not there you are unable to successfully do your work. While doing school work students such as myself could take the efficient route of just guessing on multiple choice answers on websites like MyMathLab. By guessing and not working the problem out you are not learning how to do it and when test day comes you are unprepared even though you were efficient during homework. A lot of people are addicted to fast food which is a efficient way to eat. By getting fast food it creates a bad diet and bad eating habits. Even though it is efficient to eat fast food it is not healthy!
Another disadvantage of efficiency is not performing to you best ability. College students today have the option to take online courses. While taking online courses the students take the efficient route and look up the answers on the internet instead of learning them. Students of all ages can take the efficient route of copying the peer’s homework. Homework is given to help students practice what they learn during class each day. When students copy others homework it defeats the purpose of the assignment. Many U.S. companies turn to China to produce their product. They do so because China has cheap labor and they can make the product at a much lower price. The companies take efficient route and use Chinese manufacturing but harm the U.S. It takes away many U.S. jobs. Also the products are cheaply made so they are not as durable and dependable as if they were made in the U.S.
When you are being efficient there are many risks that can