Nicholas Sparks Research Paper

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Nicholas Sparks It’s been almost a decade now that Nicholas Sparks has been writing love stories. He writes love stories and each tale of finding love differs, but each tale is a structure that is worth noting Nicholas Sparks is a truly inspiring writer. His mom was the first to suggest he write a book, while trying to heal his Achilles tendon during college. Eight weeks later he wrote his first book “The Passing,” although it did not publish. Nicholas graduated with honors and a degree in Business Finance. After marrying his wife, and his mother dying from a horseback incident; he wrote another novel called “The Royal Murders.” Although it was his third novel that gained him his success. He began writing “The Notebook.” It was published …show more content…
Theoretically speaking, Nicholas Sparks embraces the statues of critics such as Victor Shklovsky and Wolfgang Iser. Since sparks comes close to writing cliché, and yet he is able to subvert it at the same time, he embarks on Shklovsky’s process of “defmailiarization” (Lodge 21). Shklovsky said, “ if one remembers the sensations of holding a pen or speaking in a foreign language for the first time and compares that with his feeling at performing the action for the ten thousandth time, he will agree.” This particular maxim applies directly to a writer like Sparks. How is it that Sparks rises above mediocrity and reaches acclaim with the general public? In Shklovsky’s terms, Sparks’ success lies in his ability to “defamiliarize” the reader from habitual topics of discussion. Sparks is well aware of his surroundings in literature and embraces while still reforming the very clichés that define his genre. Nicholas is able to captivate the reader by constantly controlling and reformatting their expectations; so the story is never entirely predictable. It enforces engagement, Sparks upbringing and his life as a faithful catholic, influences his writing of several levels. Motifs of life versus death and miraculous events are located in each of his novels. No matter the content of his works; being an author, he always