Nichole’s Life Story Essay

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Nichole’s Life Story
Nichole Jones

This story is about my life and how I was raised in a wonderful home. Well everybody is not perfect but I had fun growing up in an environment where is no violence or sexual abuse or anything else that people do to children that is terrible. One thing I know my mother loves her two kids very much and til this day still loves us to the end of time. I want to share a mother’s love that was bestowed on the both of us. I can’t have children of my own but though the years I have gain a lot of children that I have taken care of and they are my children. I have given them love and nurturing so they can pass it on their children when they are older. I hope you will like the story and learn that Love really do make the world go round.

Nichole’s Life Story
The Body
I was born on January 19, 1970 in Brooklyn New York. I don’t remember living there because we moved from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, PA when I was two. I remember my mom telling me when we got off the air plane, I ran over to a guy and raised my arms up to him and didn’t know who he was, and she told me it was my uncle. That was smart for a two year old because my mom would freak if I went to anybody else. We lived on a street call Jonathan Court and it was a nice house. My mother was so protective of me and my older brother James but he called him Jimmy. I loved going to the park with my mom and my cousin his name is Craig and my mom would tape record us singing together. I remember a song we used to sing called three blue pigeons. My mom thought that was the cutest song. I wonder if she still was have the tape.
She always made sure that we stayed in a clean and healthy environment which drove me crazy over the years as I was growing up. She was just teaching me to be neat and clean because she always say keep your house clean because you never know who is coming over to visit. When I was growing up we moved all over Pittsburgh and then we moved to Virginia when I was 15 years old. My mother wanted to change scenery. It was scary for me but I was excited at the same time. We moved to Alexandria VA and I loved it. I started a new high school call Annandale High School it was a nice school and I made a lot of friends.

Over the years I have been to 4 high schools but the proudest moment for me was when I graduated from Northwestern High School in Hyattsville MD on May 24, 1990. My mother was so proud of me graduating that she bought me a puppy. He was so cute and we named him Tiger. He was a mini dash hound and he was so little, his little but can fit in the palm of your hand. I fell in love with him the first time I laid my eyes on him. After graduation, I worked at different jobs and then I quit them so I can go to training school in Baltimore Maryland. After I finished that school I stayed in Baltimore with my exboyfriend for 6 years. It was nice at the beginning but over the years things didn’t go as well as I planned it so in Early 2001 I left him and Baltimore and moved to Washington DC to live with my mother. But I didn’t stay with her long because I went to New York to stay with my brother and his family.
That was fun for a while because I didn’t get along with him and his wife but that another story. The best thing about living there was mu twin nieces they are the apples of my eyes. Kayla and Kaylyn were so cute when they were babies and I miss that so much. When I met them for the first time it was early in the morning because my brother have just picked