Nick: Drama and Chang Xin Wu Essay

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Name: Chang Xin Wu Nov 6

1. what are Minnie's reasons for wanting the wedding to take place?
Minnie's reason for wanting the wedding to take place because she is catholic.

2. Prove that Kathy has good knowledge and understanding of her mother.
When minnie come to Mercer's house, Kathy asks "what's she doing here" because she knew that Minnie could not speak any good word of her daughter from her mouth.

4. Give two examples of Jacob's sensitivity during this act,
First example is Jacob refused to go to church, and second example is when Minnie says Ben want move out, Jacob get angry.

5.How believable a character is Harold? Why do you think the playwright keeps Harold quiet on stage?
I don't think Harold is a believable person. I think the reason that playwright keep quiet on stage because of Kathy, from the play, she says to Billy," you think he's any different than you?" and Kathy must catch some tripping from him.

6.What methods(give examples) does Jacob use to try to convince Ben that he should stay?
Jacob convince Ben that he will starve if Ben move out, and other relatives will think he left home on account of Jacob, also saying that her mother wishes him to stay.

7. Show how french reveals ben's sensitivity and perceptiveness during the last part of this act.
Ben's sensitivity is when Jacob tear his diploma and he has really good perceptiveness when he says to Jacob" did you get cold feet. Dad?".
8. Why might this play be considered a