Nick: Nike Sports Research Essay

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As we all know that Nick is one of the biggest sports industries over the world. According to the financial report of 2005, it tells us that Nick had make a profit for $US 13.7 billion and also has 24300 people working there currently. In addition, this success they made all belongs to their research and development of new products invention and the service after sells.

The NSRL stands for Nike Sports Research Laboratory and works directly with Nike’s design teams and has established partnerships with major universities throughout Asia, Europe and North America. According to this case, they have been testing their products by many methods such as variety of muscle sensor. Also, they are testing surfaces, such as a huge section of regulation basketball hardwood, artificial soccer turf and so on. NSRL take an idea and researches and prepares a “design brief” which means then passed over to the corporation’s innovation group for new projects.

In the first event of developing was to become “Nick Free”, they believe that the best comfortable shoes are designed by “Natural technology”. In the process of talking to athletes and coaches, the designers spoke to Vin Lananna, and then they set the test of running on the grass without shoes. The result was like who ran barefoot in training, raced faster. After that, researchers developed prototypes, using any materials which could closely copy the barefoot, then make it real.

The main artifice Nike trade their consumer is to advertise. The Nike free advertising campaign was derived