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Christen George
English 1301-41036
A. Lanksford
Descriptive Essay

Leadership Camp
There are many camps that I visited which was pretty good, but not that good. Some locations were not that good looking and the cabins were never good with disgusting people in the cabins, and don’t even get me started on foods, all the camps I went to there was disgusting foods, and I didn’t even take a bite out of those foods at all, thank god I brought some snacks from home to munch on from then. Out of all the camps, I went to a camp that was awesome, and I thank god for letting me go to this camp, it has a great location, awesome foods, nice people, good activities, and overall a great camp.
The camp was in Philadelphia and the theme for the camp was “Ignite the Fire”. The camp was for 4 days, but I stayed for 5 days to spend time with my friends over there and it was really a blast, and was really worth it to go. This camp is all about leadership, and it taught me how to become a good leader for my church or for anyone else. There were lots of lectures about how to become a leader and where we start off, and then we would have activities after the lectures, afterward we would be split up to groups and we would discuss about why we would want to be a leader and what will we do to change others.
The camp had a great location; it was located in Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, since the camp was during the summer they had plenty of dorms for all the participants to sleep in. The outside of the university looked great, but the inside was more better, it looked somewhat like Hogwarts off of Harry Potter, the cafeteria was really big with different kinds of snacks and drinks, the lecture rooms looked great, it was similar to UT Dallas’s lecture rooms but a lot bigger. The dorms were not that big, but the bathrooms were pretty big for at least 40 to fit in with 40 sinks and 45 showers. The chapel room was the biggest room out of all the classrooms and auditorium, the size of the altar was the same size of a stage, with lots of icons on both sides and the ceilings, and also a cross in the front at the very top, it’s pretty cool to see this kind of chapel. Overall the university looks awesome, no wonder this university was in the top 5 of all the colleges/university in Pennsylvania.
The food at the camps were pretty amazing, I loved it a lot, they had chicken penne pasta, baked chocolate cookies, handmade cheeseburgers, lots of desserts; cupcakes, brownies, icing cookies, and cakes, baked potatoes w/ chicken, beef macaroni w/ cheese, chicken w/ pineapple pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, buffalo wings w/ spicy and sweet sauce, chocolate and vanilla ice cream pie, cookies n’ cream ice cream, and sundaes. These were foods the served for those 4 days, each day it was different foods, but it was really delicious, it was better than the foods at other camps that I went to, other camps they’ll…