Nicole Girard's Battered Women Syndrome

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If Dr. Longsio says Nicole Girard has Battered Women Syndrome, it would be her responsibility to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Is it beyond that?

Ladies and gentlemen, where do we as a society draw the line?
Yes, the defendant did experience terrible abuse. That is not refuted by the Crown, but did she in fact have Battered Women Syndrome, and would it cause her to kill or even be able to kill Kevin Steel. From the outset, my fear was that you would perceive the Crown prosecutors to be cold lawyers, who couldn’t sympathize or make a moral decision in the favour of Nicole Girard. We understand that this case is very sad, but it is still a murder. Clearly Nicole Girard shot Kevin Steel, as admitted by the defence, but they claim that she suffered from Battered Women Syndrome.
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First, she was assessed after her completion of the crime, and admitted to by Dr. Longsio, it is highly possible that the after effects of the crime could have influenced her results. Additionally, it is clear that to fire a weapon so heavy and large as the rifle used would require some force, and would be extremely difficult to do so by accident. We also proved that Kevin Steel had his back turned, and was walking away from Nicole Girard at the time of his killing, and that the defendant had other options to resolve this issue, such as her other family