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To: SCPO and CPO
Over the past year I have had the great pleasure of working with some great leaders that have shown me various methods for developing different aspects of leadership, the meaning of dedication and commitment. Therefore, a goal of mine is to expand on this newly developed foundation of leadership. I ask that you consider me for a leadership position in the up coming school year. It is my desire to prove to the NSIs and Corps of Cadets, that I can manage and positively impact a position in this unit.
I seek the opportunity to lead the unit to State and Nationals in this up coming year. As I continue to learn about responsibility and motivation, many great ideas come to mind. It would give me great pleasure to be able to share and to put into action-plans to carry the unit to success.
I would like to be considered for the positions of Personnel Officer, Color Guard Commander and Class Platoon Commander. I currently have been serving as the Personnel PO and know how to use JUMS. I feel that I can keep everything up-to-date and working smoothly. Over that past year, I have participated in various color guards with the opportunity to command several color guards. I am currently studying various Color Guard commands and several drill meet cards. I believe I can learn much more as the commander. Finally, I know I have the potential to teach and lead other cadets. Currently, I have taken responsibility as the Mustering PO in 4A and have worked hard to earn the…