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Business Plan
NICOPOLIS Non-profit Organization

Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary Nicopolis Ltd is a non-profit organization providing assistance and support to children and young people with albinism and their families in Tanzania. The program will be supporting the Tanzania Albinism Society (TAZ), Educational Resources Centres, Cancer Screening & treatment clinics and also account with support from President of Tanzania Dr Jakaya Kikwete and his government. Our program also involve offering protection to children with albinism due to discrimination and high risk of been kidnapped by doctors for body parts.
Through this program Nicopolis proposed to build an albinism children’s centre which will include an orphanage and school. We plan to build the children’s centre on the 25 acres of land in Chalinze constituency donated by the honourable Member of Parliament Mr Ridhiwani Kikwete.

Is to improve educational outcome and health wellbeing., in order to achieve this Nicopolis’s educational programmes and activities will attempt to tackle factors that hinders educational attainment and health wellbeing, whilst remaining focused on the main objectives.

There are fantastic efforts awareness programmes and campaigns on albinism, being carried out by various Organisations, however the effectiveness of these programmes and campaigns it appears is being hamper by a dearth in positive and successful role models of children and young people with albinism in