Nietzsche: Human Nature Essay

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Nietzsche probably one of the most pessimistic optimistic philosophers of all time. By that, I mean he believes morals to be the most simplistic thing in values, in human nature. Morals are the want to continue the advancement of the human race. Some have called him an atheist, but I think he would just call himself a man.
It is funny to even really discuss what Nietzsche ethic is because if we would they are outdated; the morals of Nietzsche are lost to the sands of time. When talking about what is good and what is evil, he would ask “do you mean when or how?” Everything is evolving with Nietzsche. When in a society of any nature whether it is in a dictatorship, in a democracy, in a state of anarchy, there are the basic rules for that society and each of the rules vary from one extreme to another. The goods and evils were both good and evil at that time, as well. it is only with human nature that we change out of that society into another one that is slowly making life better and better and that would involve more freedoms, nice things, just making the human existence as happy as they can at the moment. The original good and evil are lost to time; society human beings have ruined it; the ultimate true understanding of those words will never be found again. Morals, what is good and what is evil changes over time, it is just the natural progression of humans looked at from another truly human aspect. Another way to say this is nothing else matter but today. What morals are having changed a shape over the whole span of human existence different societies? Good and evil are determined by the people in charge. If I want to change something that I believe to be immoral to moral I just have to win over enough people until society accepts it. In ambience Rome, there were pedophilia, child molestation something that in today's society would make us sick, to think that would be allowed. But that is only because I am living today, and those once accepted morals are now seen as unethical. Everything is evolving with Nietzsche.
Nietzsche does not wish to cause harm anyone because what would affect the safety of human existence as a whole. Nietzsche believes in the basic good of people. The basic good is only the want to experience the want to extent your seed. Resentment is a central force behind Nietzsche’s concept of slave morality. There are two basic types of morality there is the master morality, and there is a slave morality. When it comes down to it the only one that really matters is the slaves morality because they are the only ones fighting for change, they are not the accepted norm. Master morality is what the morality is of the time; the slave morality is jealousy, it makes the “slave" bitter towards the master. If one were to be held down by society would they not fight to get up? It is Human nature to want to live, and that is the only thing that truly guides us. So it is with Nietzsche that morality is the haves vs. the have-nots the haves do not need to say much about what is moral because they have what they need and more. With the have-nots they need something to make them feel like they might be better than the haves, it lies with the human nature to want to be better than another so we must create a way that we can feel better about not having as much.
Although Nietzsche knows many languages, I believe he might have had a little distance for it, or maybe a passion for it because too showed how great human nature could be to develop a means of communication. An example Nietzsche uses, the bird of prey it is only a bird of prey because well call it that, if it was called something different it would no longer be a bird of prey, but in fact the thing that it was changed to. Another example Nietzsche uses is the bird of prey it is not in the nature of anything to kill but if a bird of prey would not kill it would no longer be a bird of prey. If we take a subject or a predicate, it would no longer be grammar. So the