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Christian Bertrand
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Nietzsche Nietzsche brings forth an idea of morality that stems from the inferiority and failures from the conquering outside strengths in life. An individual does not desire hardships, pain, and suffering and so, relates this towards negativity and immoral behavior. It would only be logical that any opposite behavior or trait would be considered good or morally esteemed. The birds of prey example that Nietzsche explains provides insight into this theory. The birds of prey and the sheep are two contrasting groups, the birds are predators, and sheep are peaceful dwelling creatures. The sheep very much so dislike the birds of prey because they carry off little lambs and make wonderful meals out of them, and there is nothing that the sheep can do to stop this, as they are the inferior prey. Due to this logic, there is a reasonable conclusion on why the sheep have resentment for the birds and consider them evil. The sheep have no way to hold the birds accountable for their wicked deeds, so out of weakness, the sheep develop morals to justify their inferior existence towards the birds. The whole notion of the sheep morals comes directly from a sense of powerlessness and inferiority towards the birds of prey. A sheep perspective is then formed, the perspective of the weak. A fabricated lie based on perspective and flaw is created, coined as morality. Morality is then used as an excuse rather than a means to accept reality and develop from the struggle that has been presented to you. In Nietzsche’s own words, “it makes possible to the majority of mortals, the weak and oppressed of every kind, the sublime self-deception that interprets weakness as freedom, and their being thus-and-thus as a merit.” Nietzsche appears to dedicate his notion of morality stemming from nothing but vengeance and hatred. Admitting to the truth and accepting the boundaries of reality is a painstaking task, but I believe it is more honorable than fabricating a lie to justify actions that come from an origin of hatred. Morality should be used as a force in acquiring happiness through the truth and resolving through other rational means. As I believe, this will lead to a stronger sense of one’s