Essay about Niger Delta Problem

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Niger is a Country in Northern Africa that has a population of 16,899,327most of those people live near Inland Rivers. Niger borders 7 countries. But in Niger there are many problems going on. Like the delta problem. Or the fact that the people in Niger live on less than a dollar a day! And they must deal with the problem of starvation. The biggest problem in Niger and its surrounding countries is the delta problem. The delta problem is oil companies producing oil and then there is a oil spill and it goes straight into the rivers and delta causing environmental damage and when that oil gets into the rivers it affects other people. Like the fishermen in the area cant fish, because the oil is killing all the fish. And the oil companies like Shell don’t care what goes on or how they’re ruining people’s lives all they care about is the money there raking in off the oil production. Now everyone is wondering how do we fix this problem? Well here is a few ideas and how they might work. 1.) raise awareness about the oil crisis. This would help other countries and people be informed about the situation in Niger and try to help if they can. 2.)help the people get new jobs and make more jobs. This would help by giving the people that lost their jobs to the oil spill a chance to get new jobs. 3.) the U.S. and other countries pitch in to help clean up every spill of oil in the delta but the problem with this is that it would be very expensive, that is why more countries would need to help for the cleanup for the environment. This would be good because it would